Property management

We take care of your properties as they were ours. Our full-scale property management includes everything from your houses to your gardens, whether it will be the smallest maintenance jobs or professional repairs.

Professional tenants

All of our tenants are dedicated professionals from various fields of expertise. These young individuals and couples have gone through multiple steps of qualification process by the time they move in to ensure your timely payments and their satisfaction.

No more void periods

You do not have to worry about finding tenants anymore. We rent the property from you so you can just sit back and relax and enjoy the comfort of monthly payments.

Accurate payments

We are a partner you can count on. We guarantee that you will receive your payments on time to your chosen accounts. We provide a safety net for you where if any delayed payments would occur from the tenant side we still pay you the formerly agreed tenancy fee.

No fees

No hidden fees or costs. Once you agreed to contract with us you will only have to enjoy your scheduled payments. Any unforseen costs will be our concern.

Long term contracts

By entering into a long-term partnership with White Falcon Limited you can forget the hassle of tenant finding and property management. Your monthly payments and stress-free life will be reminding you to the benefits of letting out your property with our agency.

Yearly statements

Every year we will create an informational, colorful presentation about your property to keep you updated about all the important factors you need to know about. You will be provided with the latest legislation changes affecting your property and tips about tax saving opportunities.

Our word is our bond

There is a no excuses policy within the White Falcon Limited. Our word is our bond... Everything will happen as agreed so you save yourself from uncomfortable situations.

We work hard for your money

You will receive our offer within a day after your property valuation, where you will get all the answers you need to decide whenever letting out your property would be beneficial for you or not.


At White Falcon Properties, we recognise that many residential landlords do not have the time to manage their properties, whether they have just one property or a large portfolio.

dealWe help landlords by offering our bespoke property management service. So, what makes us so different? Well, First and foremost we are not estate agents we are property managers. We focus on renting and managing large 3+ bedroom properties. We usually lease the properties between 3-5 years depending how long you want us to manage the property for you.

We will tailor our management services to suit your needs. As a landlord you can be as involved or as removed from the day to day issues as you wish. However most of our landlords leaves everything to us to do.

We reference and credit check our tenants and do weekly visits ensuring that your property is kept in a good condition. We deal with all the maintenance so you can sit back and relax. We are in regular contact with the tenants and we work hard to establish an ongoing, good relationship with them. Besides all of the above, we offer guaranteed rent which means even if a tenant doesn’t pay we will pay you. We also have a 24 hour emergency service available for tenants for genuine out of hours problems.

We genuinely care about our work and this shows in the exemplary service we provide to our clients.